Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

David Letterman,

i love you

the end.

show tomorrow!
tattoo wednesday!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

You're the greatest matador.

I bought i hope they serve beer in hell instead of just reading stories online and its so amazing. i'm thankful brianna showed it to me. i couldnt believe how many people were in barnes and noble of a saturday night, studying. i want some pumpkin cheese cake but i dont like cheesecake.

my dad always puts tombstones he paints  in front of the house for halloween along with giant zombies and dead men he makes that are about 10 ft tall.  he made graves for the economy and yankee stadium. ahah awesome

Top things needed to go down soon:

- visit nikkianne at savini school
- make some kind of halloween costume
- celebrate ashton's  big  TWO ONE friday
- working and school same day every day this week
- k. devine and jesse lacey even tho nothing will beat watching his first shows when i was 13 at dock st.
- acacia strain the 30th
- rangers hockey game with paul soon . PITBULL WITH LIPSTICK
- quia
- studying more about rising signs
- get a jacket because i'm freeeezing

Saturday, October 18, 2008


dont fall in love.

Monday, October 13, 2008

You've got blood on your hands, and i know its mine.

paul and i rushed to the vet in red bank ditty jerz last night to try and save buddy, the tortious. it was so sad sitting in the car for an hour with this poor turtle in the shoe box dying and then coming back to life only to gasp for air because this parasite had been taking over his body, and then he would die again. he was literally so dead, or so we thought, that at one point me and paul pulled over the car and id tip his body and his head would fall.  they couldnt give him meds for his parasite, rana disease , and he had to be put asleep. depressing at fuck.

i am swamped with school shit. i dont know how i fit anything into my life at all.  i made a new resume and am going to start applying to jobs and internships so i can get the hell out of school.

awesome songs lately:
- these eyes- the guess who
- unfinished business- white lies
- sparks- the who
- heart of the sunrise- yes
- ALL of the she & him album

my parents went away. my neighbor scares me because he saw me naked once and we BOTH know. i love sleeping with my dog.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So, on the plus side i figured out i want to work for some kind of record label or t.v. station like hbo.  it'd be the perfect mix of everything i'd like in a job i hope.

I have lots of polaroids , none of them which i feel like scanning , so, i took this cute one of paul and sassy with my photobooth

everything is overwhelming lately, esspecially school, im so not into it.  I've been downloading so much music and i just listen to it on my ipod during class. i know BADASS

went to trash on friday on ave c. 
where nick feel through the bathroom door while someone was in there, me and steve had to carry him outside , in which he fell again.  then he found out he lost his phone while i had made a drunk run to the deli to buy cigzz and did about 30 $ worth of scratch offs. made this kid matt help me and he got us weed from his apartment.  we meet bros on the ferry and they were calling nick negative nick and hitting on me and daniele and i told them nick was my boyfriend and we stomped away.

this girl told steve if he was gonna sit with me and daniele on the ferry shed block him on aim and so he came and sat with us and she showed him that she blocked him HAHA

i've just wanted to curl up with paul lately and watch m
ovies on the couch or in bed or anything  and its been nice.

whys it so hot this week?  bring on the airrr

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


sometimes i feel really lost, like the world is going to cave in on me. i hate this feeling because i can't get important things done like school work and sometimes i'll skip out on work.  its honestly a good thing i've been working there so long so they let things slide easier than others.  

i didn't even bother to write my fit essay because i don't want to go there. i just would like to go to hunter and do production and be behind the scenes and stuff. it'd be nice. i want to wear t-shirts that say "CREW" when i'm older.

i don't want to know as many people as i do. there are so few that are important to me, and those are the ones i go to for advice and try to protect in anyway i can. i wish i could only see all of these people all day long.