Saturday, January 31, 2009

Darling take me by the hand, we're gonna be a punk rock band

i do ridiculous things. i got extremely stoned and ordered food from a dinner because no one would eat with me there and so i figured i would just order out since it was 3 am. so i ordered a turkey club with honey mustard and a strawberry milkshake. p.s. i am now obsessed with strawberry milkshakes, thank you megan. so i went there and picked it up and i walked out and went in my car to drive home when i decided that i couldn't wait and went back inside , walked pass the hostess , and grabbed a booth for myself, opened the bag and ate everything.30 minutes later i realized eating it in my bed would have been so much better.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I hope this song will guide you home.

Its so true when people say that losing someone can give you a completely knew perspective on certain things in your life.  My cousin Dan got into a car accident and died last night in connecticut (where he lives).  He was 21.  He had an on and off girlfriend for five years, two sisters and two half sisters, etc.  He was driving from his moms house back to my uncles and possibly could have been speeding, hit black ice, his car fishtailed , flippped over, and went off the road, and filled with snow .  im in complete misery  and even more mortified because you never really think that those types of things will happen to someone close to you.  i woke up in a good mood but i heard my mom crying downstairs and then he told me. my entire family is a mass. whats worse is the memorial service, because my uncle and his ex are of different religions, isnt till tuesday so i have to sit around anxious and nuts until then.  i just want to get there and be with my family.

dan was the only cousin i am pretty close too. i never see my cousins so  a lot of the time its just small talk because we live so far, but me and dan had plans for him to come here so i can show him the real nyc and not just canal street and i was gonna go to Uconn with him for this huge 3 day long tailgate.

all of this made me break out in hives
and more shit from this day made me feel betrayed
i wish i was with my mom in connecticut

no other subjects should really be a part of this post, ya know?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Densel Washington as George Washington, the first BLACK president.


this wudda been cool.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We're living under covers.

Paul and I are driving cross country in the summer.  He works too early .  I have 300$ saved. I want to save at least 30$ a week. i'm so amped i hope this goes down.

Somehow my brother, who doesnt have a job ever, is also doing this but stopping to camp everywhere. I know my parents give him money and hide it from me.  Its complete bullshit since if i wasn't working for the past 4 years theyd slay me.

I watched Milk. It was fucking amazing. Sean Penn should get an oscar.
more importantly:

I have insane amount of polaroids i need to scan but need new ink. Why do scanners require ink?
I owe 200$ and i'm screwed. money situ's always suck so bad

I ordered a swimsuit and a new romper im excited to come.


1.Let's make this moment a crime- the format
2. Bringer of truth- through the eyes of the dead
3. everything poison the well as always, and they need to come to nyc
4. cats in heat- the honorary title
5. stupid kid- alk3
6. polar bear club
7. eddie vedder
8. numbers- sky eats airplane
9. american me
10. the way i feel inside- the zombies
11. is there a ghost- band of horses
12. this modern love- bloc party
13. all of weezers blue album again and again