Sunday, May 24, 2009

Burning Sea

I think i'm completely avoiding a huge crossroads in my life because i'm scared.  Its like having my eyes closed but also seeing so clearly that it is there.  I haven't written in while , half because i'm lazy, and half because i'm really unsure of what i feel and what i want to write.  my mom talked to me about moving out yesterday and it was the icing on my cake that things are changing, and have to change , wether i ignore it or not its going to happen. the weirdest part is that something is telling me all the changes coming will be good for me, but i need to take action so i don't fall behind.

Schools over.  June 10th-14th im gonna go to the bonarroo music festival in Tenn.  camping out for 4 nights on a 700 acre farm. ELVIS COSTELLO , jenny lewis, passion pit, all playing!  last year kanye west had a light show at 4 am.

july 4th free, jenny lewis and bright eyes
july 10th PTW, i can't wait.

its late, summers here, i'll be up until sunrise, my favorite

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Im going to have to make really big decisions soon