Monday, June 29, 2009

Sandy Hair

updated summer bucket list, etc:

- LA august 24-27, SF 28-30

-getting tanner, but not tan yet, but i will be black soon enough

- megan fox stomach coming soon

- more celebs deaths prob

- CT to go wake-boarding and hanging on the lake with my cousins and friends

- new hair, new bangs

-Pittsburgh July 10th

Friday, June 19, 2009

Remember when we talked of where we'd be a year from now?

Unreliability ... have I figured out my biggest pet peeve.  No this probably just adds onto the list because its pretty HUGE in my book.

I think lately i've lost a giant part of myself to trying to please everyone.  I mean, i've always been like this but its gone above and beyond.   i don't even think of myself anymore and i'm pretty disgusted with myself.   everything has become a hassle everyday , stepping on eggshells, with everyone .  maybe i'm just having a nervous breakdown or something. or maybe its all this rain.  

Met up with nik and ate dukes and got caught in the monsoon season that new york had been going through the entire month of june .   went to a psychic and she told me that i'm practicing some form of magic, that i should work in entertainment ( she also told nik that, but thats my major in school), and that i'm going to marry someone 2 years older than me.  she says i'm in relationships ( yes plural) now that i need to fix up.   maybe my nervous breakdowns and this are all connected?

i've been listening to shook ones and pearl jam for the entire month.  i'm heading out to california with mary to stay with nicole for about a week and i can't wait.  i need to get away from the city.  we're seriously under a plague.

i'm suppose to go to the driving range with my dad for fathers day. i hate golf more than any other sport i know of.  

39th st flea market next weekend..and my cousins memorial service ... on m dads birthday..and then the next day is sams birthday.