Monday, March 30, 2009

This is where your path comes to an end.

I've been really busy lately with school , work, boyfriend, and friends. I've been falling way behind in school and just want it to be over and done with, not even caring about my grades anymore but just passing and not having to vent about it anymore here would be great.

I did some thrift shopping yesterday at buffalo exchange and no relations.  those places always smell funkz. buff ex. wouldn't let these two girls who were maybe around 15 exchange clothes for money because they weren't 18 yet and didn't have a parent with them?  is the world fucking kidding, they should be happy these two little girls are taking incentive for themselves to make money before that can have a job and also exchange clothes to give to other people. no?

- over all , nothing to write home about.

- got sweet mint colored canvas from urban, lots of sunglasses from st. marks where the dude was up my butt stalking me watching i wouldn't steal any of his merch and vegetarian spring rolls with a green tea chicken wrap from yaffa w/ nick.

I was sent this band passion pit's EP, so nice to listen to.  theyre a mix of animal collective, postal service, and black me at least.  i've been obsessing over them for the past week.
on the music note, i need alkaline trio tix.

I covered all week for the other shampoo assistant at work and made a lot of money so i was able to put 100 big ones in my venice beach fund, or any beach fund, or anyplace far away in california with a beach that i can drive to.
It was mary's birthday a couple of weeks ago.  Trash took away my ID which was bullshit of all places because i've never gotten rejected from there, or anywhere.  SO ANYONE WITH BLACK HAIR AND BLUE EYES OVER 21 WHATS GUUUD? I NEED YOUR ID.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the root of the root

Good things about myself:

- if i really consider you my friend i'm very loyal to you. i will always keep your deepest secrets and just regular aspects of your life to myself. betraying someone would wear me down

- i'm a good listener even though i'm pretty sure i have a.d.d. while storying telling, i'll always try to give you the best advice

- best astrological advice to go with the last one

- 99% polite to everyone  to keep things easy

- always up for fun


- i need everything ( friends, boyfriend, work, family, job) to be fairly balanced but i feel like i'm usually the only one in the world to feel that this strongly so i usually fuck the balance up. trying not to hurt anyones feelings and keep things fair

- apologize too much  for things people would never dream of apologizing for

- takes so long for people to let people in causing me to be really judgmental sometimes

-hard for me to put myself first

-sometimes flakey

-worry wart

- hard time saving money

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I lost my ambition when I swallowed my pride

Things coming up

+ paint my room the perfect shade of eggshell or some white/ yellow color
+ get more lamps for light
+ finish the last twilight series book
+ do good on midterms. dont slack off on all the projects i have

I hate sitting somewhere , listening to a conversation or worse being in one, while you see right through that person.  It makes me so uncomfortable and i wonder if i'm the only one thinking this or of people do this with me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The weekend was nice.  It was warm the ENTIRE three days of it, which put mostly everyone in a good mood.  Friday there was a show at docks. my girlfriends, dude friends, and a million and a half kids i've never seen in my life.  it was poops birthday , we all smoked and ate chinese and found out they deliver past midnight.
Saturday nicole surprised me at work, we ate pretzel crushed chicken , only the best chicken ever p.s., and shopped. me paul and ralph went up to purchase to joes house. it was fun, his new house is really nice, stuffed our faces with pigs in a blanket and beer.  thought i was going to actually die on the ride home though.
Sunday  was the parade in west brighton.  i was drinking in a parking lot with my friends and drunk by 11 am. saw a lot of people from high school. went to a way too crowded bar.  fell more in love with mary tina and nicole. went into a coma around 5 pm because i got home at 6 am the day before.

this week is rainy and glum.
i have work in a half hour and i'm still in bed. i wanna live in pauls bed.

i have to make a 1-2 minute movie from a prospective of an inanimate object.  I'm going to do it from a plates p.o.v.  i hope it turns out good, i should have really started already.  i have to rent equip. tomorrow.

I took a Zumba fitness class.  It was great! every girl should take this class.  I go after class on thursdays at 10 am.  Its a mix of salsa, reggae, and latino dance moves mixed into a fitness work out.  my teacher played sean paul and souja boy. nuff said.  I also take an abs class for an hour afterward.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Flightless bird, grounded.


Things I don't care about:

1. media conglomeration and synergy
2. the 100$ deposit i was suppose to have for class last week
3.  motivated cuts/ directing or coming up for a movie story line of any type
4. the foot of snow we got
5. any snapple besides fruit punch currently
6. going out with my hair damp
7. being broke

anybody who hasn't read the twilight books, needs to read them. i must have been living under a rock, but the love story its really intense and great, i now understand why there are "twimom" aka moms who are just as obsessed with twilight and edward as much as their 13 year old daughters.