Wednesday, December 31, 2008


i just want to worry about myself
i just want to worry about myself
i just want to worry about myself
i just want to worry about myself
i just want to worry about myself
i just want to worry about myself
i just want to worry about myself

i'm going to have a wrinkly fucking face when i am old. hmph.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There's only one voice

I just thought about how most of this year has sucked except for november, the month which i usually dread.  
Go figure.

Bring on the new year, i'm probably jynxing myself right now by writing this.

my tooth is going to fall out.

last winter was fucking hell. i was sitting duck in a waiting game , waiting to fly south , into the summer heat by myself.  this turned out to completely destroy and rebuild me. one not after the other, but at the same time if that makes sense. i don't know...maybe thats how things are suppose to work so that they can feel important? because they do more than ever, but have always.

fuck i'm growing up.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

the Grinch

i hate the hoe li daze unless theyre illegit ones like the 4th of july and st. patricks day ( but only the day that the parade on the island is set for). all other holidays are too much stress and i sincerely hate this month so far.  also, i may be the only person who doesnt update about how they are so nervous and freaking out about their finals ever other second. maybe because i don't care this semester about my classes , or maybe thats just not me, but i'll probably regret just making flashcards and never going over them.

i probably have bronchitis or something like that.  i can't eat for the past 2 days my stomach is just being weird and i have coughing attacks where it feels like a lung is going to come flying out of my throat.

i got paul the perfect christmas present and rob got him it too , fuck

a woman i work with wears a pin around on everything that says " it's ok to say merry christmas to me" and put a sign on her stations mirror that says "jesus is the reason for the season" haha.

cargo has the best appetizers ever, i still hate the studio, where is ghostface

why is there going to be a real world brooklyn? as if two new yorks werent bad enough

i got the perfect tattoo idea , finally

i'm super annoyed

my t.v. only plays channel 4 now because i gave my other one to my grandma because hers broke so i can't watch david letterman at night anymore, fuck squared

nikkianne is coming home to me in 5 days, thank god.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


new york,
i love you, but you're bringing me down