Monday, February 8, 2010

Ive been obsessed with interior design blogs lately. I love yellow accents and white walls with dark wood floors and lots and lots of light.

Back to reality, i've been working unbelievably hard lately balancing an internship, school, and days to work so i at least have some money to live. its not much though and i'm really broke and i took about 30$ out of my vacation saving which makes me so mad, but i'm t kind of proud of myself. I sat in on a casting today and it was really interesting. I really like my internship, i hope i'm doing a good job. i have to learn not to over think things and judge myself so much. schools boring and i hope i can graduate in june. even though i'll have a couple more classes to make up it'll be a huge relief off my shoulders.

i started to make a bucket list, things include:
- volunteering at sundance film festival
-camping out at the grand canyon
- going to the superbowl or world series and wearing extreme face makeup
- learn how to knit

also, i want to see every cheesy movie thats about to come out.
i need a new hair color.
my bed has become more of a glorious haven than it already was.