Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brianna sketched me. 

I was Daniele's patient, she cleaned my teeth, I need to start flossing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We move like the sea. You, you're all i want to know.


So, since my cousin was killed i've been having a re- occurring dream that i am at different peoples funerals. people that i've just only been around a few times in my life, not anyone that has made an impact or been important to it in any way.  anyways, when i wake up i just feel shitty and want to scream. i need some kind of remedy to get rid of this.

on a good note:
my godfathers daughter works for HOUSE productions and castings in the city across from the chelsea market and asked me if i wanted her to save me a spot for an internship in the summer.  fucking awesome.  and it would only be about 2 days a week but thats ok with me because 1. i'm not getting paid and 2. i don't want to be working my ass off for no money during the summer.  the only part about it is that i really wanted to drive cross country and travel during the summer. i've been saving money and all.  i know it's not as important career wise but travel is really important to me and i wanted to do it before internships and jobs  got in the way, i guess they beat me to the punch tho.

valentines was cute. i got long stemmed roses and love lobster tail.

and also, i really understand why 95% of the world is obsessed with Twilight. AND kate winslet should win the oscar for The Reader.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blow away from my window

Things I learn from work:

- Women are funny , they will not legally seperate from a guy and by the time youre in your 60s theyre hoping you die before them so they can collect or tha
t they don't lose their life insurance.  In a way it's pretty much one of the smartest things you can do when you fall out of love or leave but are not divorced. " Try to die before 70 so I don't lose my insurance" haha.

- The nicest thing to buy your wife for valentines day is a new wardrobe because she just lost 21 pds on weight watchers!

-This old man always calls to make an appointment and then eventually calls back 5 times throughout the week to change it , but his wife drives him and he always says " let me ask my bride if thats an alright time" its cute. she isn't so nice to him tho.

- there ARE truly selfless people in the world. One woman let her marriage go to shit because she was there for her friend everyday not spending time on her relationship, for a long long time when her husband died unexpectantly.  Also, and at the same time, I've learned some people really do die alone..

- Ben Affleck sucks, but already knew that

-Don't open a door even if its a cop.  If he doesn't have a badge and legit patrol car outside then you should be talking to him from your window...on the second floor, not first. 

-how to use an exercise ball

- Some couples never fly together when they go on trips/ out of town/ wherever because they figure only one of the two planes is likely to crash, and there should be one parent left so nothing happens to their kids.

I work at a hair salon, none of these facts are about hair
I'm growing out the black from my hair, i'm going to be wearing a hair forever until it gets far enough to Oops. lets see if i can do this.

I watched this show called Married to the Eiffel Tower. It's about woman with objectophilla, meaning they believe they have loving sexual relationships with objects such as the golden gate brides, amusement park rides, the berlin wall, a bow n arrow, and one woman is really married to the eiffel tower.  There are only woman objectophillists (sp?), what does this tell you?

couldnt post the video but heres the link. insane.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Someone recommend a good book to read because i have a long break on tuesdays at school and want to read during it.

I think i want to try to go for a 4.0 this semester.  I know i can do these things, frankly, i just turn up lazy most of the time.  Schools good tho.

My video production class freaks me out.  My teachers a successful documentary film maker and was a professional photographer before hand.  Our first assignment was to taking pictures reflecting 7 basics of composition and we learned some camera techniques.  I have to fine time to take all my certification tests so i can rent out equipment.

My Italian class is still the same because its the same teacher but I know what to expect and if i do the online homework i'll get an A. online homework just bothers me in general i want to write everything on paper, old school, not even type it.

Media studies lecture is awesome.  This kid said that since elton john came out of the closet you don't hear him on the radio anymore, and everyone bugged out about his comments. Now when I was movies i really notice the advertisements in them because of synergy and cross-promotion of corporations

My radio production class is the best one.  My teachers awesome and everyone in the class is really friendly which is hard to find at this school and i usually just keep to myself.  We watched mythbusters and an angry documentary on Telsa and also listened to the Hindenburgh board cast and next week is war of the worlds!  this class also has a blogspot, sweet.

I'm going to  start running again, and i'll finally realize how out of shape I am the first time i go out on thursday,  but i need more things for myself, and i use to love running even if it was below zero.

and last, so guilty of being / acting like an ecstatic 13 yr. old when i heard blink was getting back together! you have no idea i chased there van 10 blocks in the city when i was a sophmore in high school, and was a legit member of the street team.  

Saturday, February 7, 2009

youre about to ruin everything.