Monday, September 29, 2008

Bye bye miss american pie

My birthday weekend was ridiculous.  friday there was a show at the
 art chyper but me mary and derek went and bought a bottle of jager that me nikki and mary finished in the bathroom way too fast. i don't remember much but nick said i was screaming nigger in the ghetto really loud and mary took pornstar pictures and there was a lot of dancing

on saturday me and maary decided to buy a bigger bottle of jager of drink that at johns party with my birthday, nikki and chris's going away, and matts birthday party.  if i wasn't smashed enough the night before i was this night. 

it was so good to let loose this weekend it was just what i needed because i'm piled up on school shit and i need to see people i haven't seen in a while.

i won't take off the sweater paul bought me for my birthday

adding pictures to this blog site is fucking annoying

ALSO: nikkianne left me to go to pittsburgh for over a year and that sucks cause shes my brother from another mother, but with a vagina

upside: MAD trips to pittsburgh

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


delete my birthday.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

And also,

i never want to read my old journal again.

Dear blood suckers,

you money hungry douchebags of new york city, i think its fucking awful that you are knocking down yankee statium and putting a park there for little dirty bronx lowlives to run around, sell drugs, and get shot in.

and everyone knows youre just knocking it down , it gain more attention for the new statium , to make more money, because 50 fucking billion dollars a year isn't enough for you.

tonight is the last game ever to be played in the statium. i dont follow baseball that much anymore but its the idea that every season when i has just come out of the womb till i was about 14 i would go to at least 3-5 games a season because my dad LOVES YOU. i remember my dad bringing all 10 kids from my block there, and me him and my brother going all the time. i remember my first night game and being in the nose bleed section for 17 innings and believing it was bad luck everytime a plane from jfk flew over because something would go wrong, or nobody would get a hit. i remember taking the tour and my dad sneaking pictures. i remember climbing on everything with fred. i remember getting sick because i LOVE hotdogs.

and worst

my dad was sitting on the couch yesterday in misery looking as his old baseball cards and the limited time buttons they use to give you in an old shoe box, decked out in yankees gear watching the game. when he came over from italy when he was ate all he did was watch the yankees because the only words of english he knew how to say were merry christmas and coca cola, but you don't need english to watch sports. the yankees are my dads true first american love i think, and now your knocking down the stadium.

in conlusion, new york, what the fuck happened to you?

can't wait till sarah palin is in office so she can explain how humans and dinosaurs walked the earth and we can entire the pending depression thats about to occur

i need to write an essay that came for my application 5 weeks later!



Sunday, September 14, 2008

new york , i love you, but you're bringing me down.
like a death of the heart, jesus, where do i start?
but youre still the one pool, where i'd happily drown.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"They're on pot."

i'm super stoned and should be asleep but i had to write before i get all this crazy babble running through my brain.


i'm turning 20 in about 20 years and i don't like the idea of a 2 as the first digit of my number catagory. no one ever describes their twenties as the best time of their life, it's always their teens. TWENTIES DON'T TAKE ME : [

listening to rick ross

if anyone wants to join this crazy anti-gravity yoga class with me at CRUNCH gyms in the city lemme know

Monday, September 8, 2008


my birfday and nikkiannes ( and chris's) departure are on the same day which totally calls for a 3-way combination party. my birthday is the 28th i wanna celebrate for AT LEAST 3 days.

schoool schoooool schooooooooool.

workk worrrrrk wooorrrkkkk.

i'm gonna apply to hunter for media studies and production along with FIT. i need to get transcripts wednesday .


+ sweater stockings

+ the weather is gonna get slightly colder this week, so i hear

+ the hills because i'm a straight up faggot for it

+ pauls ( or whoevers) cake with nutella frosting. KUDOS

+ gas prices lowering

+ helen thomas and sarah palin


-books being 431$

- my classes, all of them

- stress to the max

-all this transfer shit i have to do

- cariannes birthday getting rained out

- it STILL BEING mad hot

- my macbook being dead

- my macbook being dead

- my macbook is dead =[

Monday, September 1, 2008