Friday, November 27, 2009

I posed for my friend brianna a while ago for one of her art classes in boys clothes..these are her paintings of me!

The winters a drag. i want to burrow into a hole made of blankets and pillows on my bed and pop out 5 months later in time for summer sunshine. everyone hibernates and i boycott.

Internship search is moving along i guess. i discovered i'm really impatient and don't want to wait for people to e-mail me back so i might just get dressed up and go to some of these places. hopefully they'll see it as showing initiative and not me being obsessive or crazy. I've sent out about 15 resumes and my mom hooked me up with some people i have to e-mail to meet for coffee and a grown up. hopefully next semester i have 2 days of school, 2 days of internship and 2 days of work.

And if the snow buries my,
my neighbourhood.
And if my parents are crying
then I'll dig a tunnel
from my window to yours,
yeah a tunnel from my window to yours.
You climb out the chimney
and meet me in the middle,
the middle of the town.
And since there's no one else around,
we let our hair grow long
and forget all we used to know,
then our skin gets thicker
from living out in the snow.

- neighborhood #1 tunnels by arcade fire.

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