Friday, July 17, 2009

Keep it movin

So much has changed in the last month that i can't even wrap my head around it, 

if there wasnt a few people here i care about id run far away

I went to monessen , PA near pittsburgh.  creepy fucking town.  a toxic chemical cloud escaped from the factory thats there and killed most of the people in the town , and the factory was closed down so everyone else left because they lost their jobs.  it was a pretty abandoned town.  we went down to visit nikki and chris for nikkis birthday.  most of the people were chill and i had a really good time.  it was really good to get away and go into the country.  i ate dennys everyday, was amazing.  came really close to thinking a hairless rat was cute and it touched me and i didnt kill it,  this is a HUGE accomplishment for me since i hate all rodents. some dude has a tattoo of himself (yes himself tattoed on himself) as the devil on his left shoulder and jerry garcia as an angel playing guitar on his right shoulder.  ate mad ego waffles, and lived on a porch for a weekend.

I think i made an awesome resume and i'm glad that i can get multiple salon cilent recommendations.  my rents went to north carolina for the last week.  i love sleeping with my dog.  i probably washed every clothing item in my room this past week.  i started to jump rope as a work out and i realized i need to quit smoking.  nicole moved to california monday, it sucks, but were booking our plane tickets this weekend. i feel alone sometimes, but ive realized its better, and i'm really not.

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